TOP faucet bitcoin March 2016.

1. Rotator faucet bitcoin, dogecoin, litecoin, payeer. The rotator collected the best sites handing Satoshi, he is constantly checked and updated. Putting Satoshi using a rotator, you save time and increase the amount collected Satoshi.

2. LooTool - analogue crane Bitcoin "MoonBitcoin", Satoshi accumulate even faster. Withdraw the weekend at a set minimum of 5'500 Satoshi. This is a very good crane, as it gives a lot more than other cranes in time accrual rate decreases , but the site is still in this case, it charges more than others.

3. Donaldcoin - wonderful site genereruyuschy 4 or 8 Satoshi per minute, but the collection is limited to 400 or 800 Satoshi, on the need to periodically visit and transfer their Satoshi to your account. This Bitcoin faucet is good that their Satoshi you can withdraw at any time.

4. Bitcoinour - Satoshi site generates 7 per minute, periodically need to go and translate Satoshi to your account, as after 2010 Satoshi set them to be translated to your account because they do not generate more, but after the transfer to your account, they are charged again . Conclusion Satoshi is possible at any time upon reaching 15,000 Satoshi in domestic credit .

5. MoonBitcoin - It is the oldest site of Bitcoin is charged while the computer is turned off. But for more Satoshi go more often.

6. Timeforbitcoin - apart from the standard charging time Satoshi accrued daily bonuses, ie if you go once a day (at least ), you get an extra bonus.

7. SunBTC - faucet the dealer Satoshi every 5 minutes, continue charging to 416 Satoshi, after which they must be transferred to your account. If you go once a day you will not only get 416 Satoshi, but also an added bonus.

8. Chronoxcoin - faucet similar to the previous, but here as in LooTool, Satoshi will accumulate within 4 weeks, but what will be more likely to enter, the more income.

9. Fieldbitcoins - This site is a double MoonBitcoin faucet. It differs only better charging system.

10. Topfan - Satoshi site accumulates, accumulates 120 minutes 400 Satoshi, then you need to go and take them to your account.

11. FreeBitcoin - most reliable Bitcoin Faucet hand Bitcoin. Every hour of the crane distributes from 610 to 0.609 BTC Satoshi per hour. In addition, there is a game on FREEBITCO ( more-less ), where it is possible to increase their Satoshi and lottery. Crane FREEBITCO make payments every Sunday.

12. CoinToast - Bitcoin faucet gives 800 Satoshi every 30 minutes.

13. JetCoin - Bitcoin Faucet generating Satoshi analogue MoonBitcoin site.

14. Bubblebitcoin - 500 satoshi every 180 minutes.

15. Topbitc - Satoshi site generates 8 per minute.

16. Hitpxlcoin - 100 satoshi every 5 minutes + bonus.

17. Henbtc - 150 satoshi every 5 minutes + bonus.

18. WeedBitcoin - 600 satoshi every 720 minutes.

19. Bitcoin43 - 1440 satoshi every 720 minutes.

20. Bitcoincoin - 800 satoshi every 720 minutes.